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2019/01/01 - 11:58
Imam Khomeini used to swiftly reject the idea of any sort of reform and would resolutely fight any sort of advantage given by the Pahlavi regime. He dismissed as unacceptable Mohammad Reza Shah’s repentance, saying it was like Pharaoh’s repentance.
2018/12/31 - 13:03
People in Iran attended countrywide marches on Sunday to commemorate massive rallies back in 2009 in which the nation reaffirmed allegiance to the Islamic Republic and ended months of turmoil in the wake of that year’s presidential election.
2018/12/29 - 14:21
A ceremony was held in Najaf Seminary School of theology on Saturday to commemorate the late Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi who passed away on Monday.
2018/12/25 - 14:53
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has offered his condolences over the demise of Chairman of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi.
2014/07/15 - 11:36
The programs of the 22nd International Holy Quran Exhibition which kicked off on June 25 will continue today by three meetings to be held from 6 to 12 p.m. in the Sacred Defense Garden Museum of Tehran.
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2012/04/21 - 11:26

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2016/11/22 - 11:05
Islamic Revolution Document Center -- During its lifetime, Iran’s Savak worked in close cooperation with the CIA and Mossad. After the 1953 coup, the US entered Iran’s political stage fully.
2019/01/01 - 11:45
“Insider” a book by Ala Bashir plastic surgeon, artist and favorite doctor of Saddam ‎Hussein featuring memories from Iraq under the rule of the former dictator has been ‎translated into Persian.‎
2018/12/29 - 14:36
The last number of " Shahed Yaran " monthly magazine published for the memorial of martyr Ahmad Qasir .
2018/11/06 - 15:17
Prayer in the captives a diary writing which explains the Iranian prisoners diary during the time in the Iraqi prisons .
2018/11/06 - 15:11
The book " fall in the Silence " was written by Ibrahim Zahedi Motlagh which explained martyr Javad Fakouri's life .
2018/11/06 - 11:33
Revolutions are extraordinary events that influence the lives of people for years. They are like hurricanes that move and scramble everything and create new structures based on the ideals of the revolution.
2018/12/31 - 14:48
Martyr Mohammad Ali Qasim Zadeh was born in a cultural and religious family in Tehran in 1356.
2018/07/07 - 08:09
Despite the fact that about 28 years have passed from the end of the Sacred Defense Era, martyrs’ memory and names will not become old and lost. The reason is that Allah the Exalted has said, “They are alive in presence of their Lord” [The Holy Quran,...
2018/01/07 - 14:54
It was not only the regime of Saddam that had confronted Iran in Sacred Defense era Sep 28, 2016
2018/01/08 - 12:27
A Nigerian political activist decried the continued imprisonment of top Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, whose health is deteriorating, and said the Abuja government is seeking to gradually kill the popular figure.
2018/01/01 - 21:37
Imam Ali was a witty person but not obscene and tasteless jokes! But meaningful and instructive ones.
2019/01/02 - 09:24
I spent a few years of captivity period with Mr. Abootorabi in Moosel Camp . One day I went up to him and asked him: “All come unto you for solving their problems.
2019/01/02 - 09:24
Triumphant khaybar dry run was going on in Majnoon Island. It was supposed that our unit that was based in Fath three way advance to Basra
2019/01/02 - 09:24
Apart from theses literal discussions, Shahid Motahhari was a reviver and his revivalism was more evident in issues related to young people.
2019/01/02 - 09:24
I entered the school’s yard and breathe out the smell of gunpowder. Indoors it seemed like Ashura’s shambles.
2019/01/02 - 09:23
Ballistic missiles are launched from static and moving launchers and exit the earth’s atmosphere both at the right angle or other lesser angles. After the missile is out of the atmosphere
2019/01/01 - 12:02
The Down with USA motto is in fact a warning call and standup call for Islamic nations against the schemes of the United States. Accordingly, the living on of this motto is owing to the Iranian nation’s morale to fight injustice
2019/01/01 - 11:27
Islamic Revolution Documents Center – The seizure of the US embassy took place within the collective memory of a nation. In fact US activities against Iran, from what it did during the 1953 coup
2018/12/31 - 14:44
One of the valuable deeds of the Islamic Republic Documents Center is to write the history of the Islamic revolution. People’s memories, no matter how powerful, will forget memories as time passes.
2018/12/31 - 14:35
Following the Islamic Revolution, the West tried to be a hurdle against the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2018/12/31 - 13:56